Firstly, I have a job. At a call centre. Have had since Monday 17th August. Monday was the start of just three days of training before today’s experience which was on the phone. I get the train into work everyday and I start at 11.30am and finish at 8pm. The script is fine to follow but I didn’t realise how sales and target driven the company is. Obviously it is a thriving business and that only comes from making money, but it is to the point of YOU WILL get pulled up on things if you are not doing them to the standard they require. An example would be: when you phone a potential supporter who is driving when they pick up and they sound like they can’t talk, if you do not continue to pitch to them, you will get penalised for ‘call avoidance’.

There are many other instances where you could get penalised and there are many briefs to follow. Today I didn’t get one ‘yes’. But hey it was my first day so they can’t expect that much from me. It’s funny though that I’m more nervous about what my team leader and everyone in the office will think if I don’t get a yes tomorrow than I am about speaking to potentially aggressive strangers on the other end of the old dog and bone.

Update number 2: I have been on two real life dates.

Update number 3: I went to the Koala Sanctuary with Sarah, Janneke and Megan (a Liverpudlian in our hostel room). I was totally up for hugging one of these beautiful fluffy creatures before I got there, then I saw the proceedings and fell out of love with the idea. It’s not as if the koalas were mistreated, far from, I just didn’t get a good energy from the situation and it didn’t feel like something I wanted to participate in. I like to think that maybe me making that decision made the koala’s day that bit better.

Update 4: I met up with Pam! My dear friend from Brisbane. We went to Jamie’s Italian for wine and pasta and a massive catch up. It was glorious to see her again. I laughed and beamed the whole evening. She is busy with work (a new business venture of her own again) but promises to take me out in Brissy again. Yippee! Nights with Pam are unforgettable.

Update number 5: I haven’t fallen in love with Brisbane. Sadly a fact that I have been trying to dismiss but one that keeps niggling. I think I had a preconception of how this city might be, especially as Jonny was here for almost 8 months and loved it. For me, it’s just a big city with a lot of people. Very multi-cultural and diverse which is amazing but I just don’t feel at home here. Maybe it just hasn’t got enough character for my liking. Or maybe I just don’t ever get the chance to spend enough time by myself. I find myself yearning for a quiet moment completely alone where I stare at the world. Not because I’m bored of anyone, just because I love the way the feeling of being alone in a beautiful environment (ie sunset) washes over me like some wonderful piece of music. Anyway, keeping my options open and taking each day as it comes. Right now that means trying to go to sleep with the lullaby that is my bottom-bunk-bed-sleeping-partner who just looovvvveesss to snore. #hostellife! Night night! 😴



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