Tully Gorg is Gorgeous

There is a place named Tully and this place named Tully is one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of seeing and living in.

Whilst we were staying in Mission Beach, I persuaded some of the girls that had a car, that it might be fun to go. It’s a good hour and a bit drive but well worth the effort if you ask me. There is a problem though – those pesky PESKY, BLOODY horse flies! These things are monstrous out here and they refuse to leave until they have had their body weight in your blood. I’m sure they’ve got wise as they now seem to go for your inside thigh of the back of your knee where you can’t see them until it’s too late.. I can’t begin to describe what a nuisance they are. The satisfaction of slapping them dead is enormous. We might start a competition soon, seeing as they are apparently going to get worse with summer.


Anyway, enough talk of horse flies. But they did ruin the view a bit – it’s hard to ponder life whilst some fat fly is injecting its body into your skin. Ugh. I do hope to see more of the area whilst we are here though, just with insect repellent haha. There seems like there is a great amount to do, it just requires money of course. Sarah and I are assistant managers of the hostel now {Absolute Backpackers} {check us out!} and a small business owner popped in today asking if we wouldn’t mind promoting his Tully day trip and camp overnight idea. I thought it sounded brilliant and he says he’ll take us out to experience what’s on offer. That way we can really sell it to the backpackers.

I think I must try that with all the companies we are promoting – we could really get some bargains. Cheeky!

Conscious of my need to get around the whole country in less than a year/two years so kind of eager to get going again but I know it’s a sensible idea to stick around here and earn some dollar.

Just found out that Jonny and Dad are coming over to see me in December too! The planningtripsaway part of my brain is having a party! They arrive into Melbourne, so thinking of doing the Great Ocean road. I might be able to persuade them to do great white shark cage diving too, and swimming with seal lions. But I’m still undecided about launching myself out of a plane for joy. We’ll see.




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