Hey Sydney!

The funny thing about this city is that it is unlike one I have ever been to. The streets are most unfamiliar and the people are always friendly! How bizarre. Our first day in the land of down under took us all around the city  with our two lovely new friends Janneke and Jenny Рwe ticked off Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, The botanical gardens, the rocks, Surrey Hills and a whole lot more. We trapsed around for a good five hours so we were pooped by the time we made it back. A very fun investigation into the heart of the city though, and of course there was time for an ice cold beer on a rooftop bar.

Friday was the turn of Manly Beach so we headed to the Warf where we could get a Ferry ride. Manly provided beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous walks, as well as great pizza and mulled cider!? Sydney itself has much to offer but I can’t say I get the ‘home vibe’ from it, you know those places that just feel like you could live there. However, the more time I spend here the more I love it. Besides it’s pretty expensive and our budget is being eaten away day by day. Plan is to head to inquire about camper vans tomorrow in order to head to Brisbane! Road trip!


Manly Beach


On the way to Manly



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