Ravishing Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island lies just off the coast of Fremantle, Perth. It is home to one of the friendliest little creatures named Quokkas. They look a bit like a rat crossed with a wallabie but with a massive grin on their face. Actually very cute but quite annoying eventually.

You can take the ferry over there very easily and there’s an option to get a half price deal and a bike rental thrown in if you’re free on a Tuesday.

I had heard some really positive things about this little island, not least for the quokkas who are renowned for appearing in tourist’s selfies and then stealing their sandwiches. They aren’t timid creatures by any means – climbing up tables and nibbling at your shoe laces. After the initial excitement of experiencing a close encounter with a wild animal wears off, they actually get pretty annoying.

The island itself is highly beautiful. I went at the end of March, a few weeks before the weather started turning luckily, so my day was a stunning vision of rolling hills, beating sun and calm ocean bays.

I met a cool girl on that ferry over by myself. I noticed her playing about with her camera in the queue for the ferry and we started chatting. We immediately clicked and sat talking for the whole ferry ride about values in life and the importance of travel. We parted ways once we arrived as I was due to meet my friends on the Island but it was a pleasure to have met her and shared our thoughts together.

I had some time to myself to explore the Island before I found my friends. The roads are completely car free which is just glorious and there are new stunning views to see after climbing every hill. I think I spent most of the time stopping to get my camera out and take in the almighty scenery.

After meeting my friends for lunch and having a dip in the warm, clear sea, we all cycled around the rest of the island, got our compulsory quokka selfies and cycled back as the sun was setting in time for the last ferry home.

Rottnest remains one of my favourite Islands to date. It’s vivid beauty and its quietness really appeals and isn’t a place to be missed on the West Coast.


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