Perth, Freo and Margaret River

Arrived in Perth in the middle of March from Tassie. Gosh that seems like a long time ago now. So much has happened since then and I’ve been so useless with updating my blog. Still, I have been having rather a lot of fun so I reckon I’m excused!

I didn’t get a massively positive vibe from the city of Perth; in fact I would go as far as to say that I thought it possessed a very strange, negative energy. Nothing I could quite put my finger on, just a frequency that didn’t sit well with me. Never mind, I was due to meet with some hilarious family friends that afternoon as well as my lovely German friend, Svenja, who I had first met in Melbourne.





We had lunch at ‘The Lucky Shag’ waterfront bar just outside the city with Rachel and Marty and his family before heading to the lovely (but touristy) Cottesloe beach with Svenja in time to dip our toes in the water, gaze at the semi-permanent cool art sculptures and catch the first of many beautiful Western Australia sunsets.


The Lucky Shag!

Svenja took me back to her hostel in Fremantle about a 45 minute train ride from the centre of Perth. I immediately decided this atmosphere was much nicer and much more where I wanted to be. Freo has a relaxed, hippy vibe going on – markets and festivals are often held in the streets, it has an abundance of quirky coffee shops and the beach was just a short stroll away. Yes, this was much more my scene.

After a week or so of moving to Freo and exploring the town, it was time for the turn of what was to be known as ‘Margaret River with Rachel and Marty’ – anyone who knows them knows this requires no explanation! Those two and wine are a match made in heaven!


Never without a glass in hand

Rachel and Marty were here visiting Marty’s family who all live in Perth. We all drove to Bunker Bay to a gorgeous resort nestled in the bush leading right onto a private beach. It was so lovely of them to share their holiday with me. I felt like a right tag-along but they were of course all welcoming. Our time here consisted of walks along the beach, taking bubble baths, eating our body weights every day, drinking champagne in the resort’s infinity pool (naughty and not allowed – oops!), exploring caves and OF COURSE, sampling some of Margaret river’s most exquisite wine.


Margaret River winery

We visited a few wineries but bought only from one which supplied one of M & R’s favourite brand of wine – Mad Fish. I bet the lady who served us here at Howard Park was pleased to see us, seeing as we walked away with close to 38 bottles!

I got a tad sozzled during the process of wine tasting. We were led practically through the entire menu of wines from all years, finished off by a superb desert wine which I COULD NOT resist, despite hardly being able to lift my own glass by this point. (hahaa)


Cave exploring with these comedians

I managed to sober up for a beautiful restaurant meal that evening before we had to head back the following day. Thoroughly spoilt, boy was I lucky to have these guys as friends!

After Margaret River, the party continued for a while back in Perth with family get-togethers in the form of birthday parties and barbeques. I joined in with what I could and naturally this involved drinking to the point of collapse. So nice of everyone to accept me as one of their own. It’s always lovely to be greeted by familiar faces once you get to a new place – no matter how small the gesture – a quick coffee or a long weekend in Margaret River – always greatly appreciated.


I left Marty and Rachel to head back home with my thank yous and a posh cheese knife (Rachel had bought a cheese board) and ventured back to Freo to start planning for my upcoming Thailand Adventure.



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