Nannying in The French Alps

I’m not a ski-er, I despise the cold and I get tired of children easily.

I know, I’ll nanny in the French Alps!

Haha luckily it was only for a week – a friend of mine, Alice, was already out there working for a nannying company all season long and she contacted me to ask if I wanted to help cover for a family. It was actually the ideal set-up as there were two of us for 6 children, except we only really had to look after two little tots (aged 1 year and 18 months). I stayed with Alice and got a lift each day to Les Gets and spent the day keeping the little ones entertained, exploring the town (with buggie in tow!), feeding, cleaning, changing nappies and eating my body weight in croissants (not in that order!)

The families whose children I was looking after were English and had driven down from London. They came every year and obviously had a lot of money, if their dress sense, posh accents, plush cars or large chalet apartment hadn’t given it away already. I think they are all like that here though – if you have money for a nanny AND skiing then you certainly have enough I’d say! Anyway despite their posh idiosyncrasies, they were very friendly and welcoming and obviously liked us enough to entrust us with their precious munchkins (who were extremely cute!).

At this point, it was crucial for me to be able to work as I had just returned from Queenstown and didn’t yet have a job back at home. The only way I was able to take this job was if I could stay rent free at Alice’s place whilst getting paid by the family. Luckily it all worked out, as these things tend to and I ended up having a marvellous time at what many people would agree is one of the most stunning places in Europe.


Whilst I was there I got the chance to visit Alvoriaz, a quaint little town right at the top of a mountain. It was like something out of a fairytale with its tall wooden buildings, cute gift shops and horse carts pulling ski-hungry tourists up and down. I didn’t take the opportunity to try my hand at skiing again (last time it didn’t go very well) but that was because I wanted to save my pennies for more Europe trips to come in the following months (and because I’d much rather sip hot chocolate in the sunshine than slip down the side of a mountain for fun!)

Staying with Alice in Morzine was a true delight because I hadn’t seen her in so long and she had many stories to tell from our time apart. Her housemates were lovely and aside from a few dramas (a house full of girls, there’s bound to be a few knife edges!) everyone got on extremely well. On one of our days off we both got massages and then found a cosy nook by a roaring fire in a bar with hot toddies, catching up with each other’s lives.

I grew to love my little baby routine for a week or so but I’m afraid I couldn’t have done any longer. Alice was there all season long as were many others and I honestly don’t know how they had the patience. For me this was a perfect little taster for what it was like to live and work here but I was happy to be flying my butt back to the UK to save up even more so I could splash out on more tropical climates!



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