Brisbane & Noosa Heads

Back to Brissy mate!!

A little stop-over in Brisbane was planned on my way back to New Zealand from Broome. The idea was to have a little holiday (not that I needed another one after the past 18 months!) and to see friends who lived there.


Cloudy day over Noosa

It felt weird to be back on the East Coast after so much time spent on the West but we were totally welcomed into Michael and Kiera’s family home and spent time with their friends, having barbecues, swimming at the beach, chatting to his lovely parents, road tripping to the beautiful (but rainy) Glasshouse Mountains, dipping into the fairy pools at Noosa National Park and camping at Cooloola.


Noosa National Park

Noosa Norse shore and the double island coast is the full stretch of beach we camped at for a few nights. And we also made it to rainbow beach to try surfing. The great sandy national park of Cooloola itself is a place of massive dunes, towering cliffs of sand and wide ocean beaches. It’s truly stunning.

Think hot, hazy days and sticky nights (although it did rain whilst we were there), cool water and a lot of breeze, sand everywhere and the most fantastic views! Driving down the sandy stretch reminded me a lot of our 70 mile beach tour on Fraser Island, although this was far cooler as we were being shown around by lovely locals!

All of this is accessed via driving on the beach (which acts as a road and can get busy!) and for that you undoubtedly need a 4×4. It takes a couple of hours of driving to reach the end of the double island coastline, with people camping all along it, tucked in by the tree line or sandwiched alongside each other in a group camp. Many put up flags to designate their chosen spot but everyone seems very friendly and always eager to help out, whether that’s borrowing cooking spices or helping to dig out a stranded vehicle.


These two comedians!

We were hard pushed to find a space on our way down the coastline. Every available spot seemed to be taken and what’s more is that groups looked like they had been there for weeks. Granted, we were visiting just after the New Year so people had probably spent much of their Christmas holidays here…

It’s not as if they’re not set up for it of course – yes it’s ‘campingoutinthebushmate’ but these folks have fridges and fryers and eskies and sound systems and massive gazebos and ample storage from their mighty convoys of 4x4s. Heck, some of them even bring portable dunnies! There’s plenty of games to be played on the beach and in the evening you sit around and chat as the sun gradually goes down (although campfire’s not allowed). I can definitely see the enjoyment of taking a breather from the family home, especially at Christmas time and living simply here instead.


On our last day we made it to double island point lighthouse, located at the southern end of Wide Bay. It’s views stretch as far as the eye can see and do a good job of making you feel very small!

And after that, all that was left was to head back and for me to catch a flight to Queenstown for the next leg of my journey. A massive thanks to Michael and his family for letting us stay and treating us to the very best of their back garden!

This also concluded my chapter in the wonderful Down Under after almost 18 months. I left feeling very lucky indeed. Here’s to all the beautiful souls met along the way, the stunning places I have been and the diverse experiences that have shaped the way I think.

Until next time Straya! <3




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