Bondi & Woollahra

Currently sat on Bondi Beach looking into the cool, clear blue water of the Pacific. Bondi is soooo busy and cold actually might I add but that doesn’t stop everyone from congregating here. Sarah and I are sat here in our winter layers; if only the wind would cease.

Ah well enough talk of weather, it’s great to be here on one of the most well known beaches in the world, and we’re about to do the walk to Bronte up the cliff as we’re told it’s beautiful. I am never one to miss out on beautiful.

We arrived at Woollahra early evening last night after meeting Ciara at The Opera Bar just below the Opera House. The atmosphere on a Saturday night was incredible and it felt good to be alive. Locals were stopping for drinks in the sun before heading out and it was fun to catch their intriguing conversations and actions, especially when two lads arm wrestled for a table haha. I can imagine that is the top meeting place for a lot of Aussies.

Our night out in Woollahra proved thrilling as we were introduced to our awesome hosts at the local yacht club. These guys have a lot of money! We spent the rest of the night at their friend’s apartment until the early hours, talking and drinking and dancing until making our way back to the Boy’s place where we were staying in their Airbnb.

Such a wonderful start to our Aussie Adventure!


The boy’s House

Today was a little more chilled as we nursed our hangovers, but a small cafe just down the road soon solved all our problems with the world’s best pastry, chai tea and caramel slices. We know how to live! ‘The Cook and Baker’ they were called and must be checked out by anyone heading to Bondi Junction.
Not sure what the plan is for tonight but we’ve booked ourselves a camper van for tomorrow and we start our 10 day road trip to Brisbane with the girls. Most people are saying Brisbane isn’t very exciting but I reckon we’ll be the judge of that. Can’t wait to explore on our own terms and get a taste of life outside the big city. 



  • Jane

    Rach, this sounds fantastic! Keep these blog posts coming — I just can’t get enough of them :). xxx

    August 2, 2015 - 2:54 am Reply

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