My art is pretty flavourful. It’s inspired by my travels and natural materials around me. My passion for art and travel have helped produce some innovative (okay, abstract!) creations that I am very proud of. At University I specialised in ceramic art which I LOVED (and would love to return to) but for now I enjoy painting friend’s birthday presents, designing commissions and doodling in my sketch book.

My art is ever changing because so is the scenery around me. I am continuous inspired by the rich colours of nature and as you flick through my art you’ll notice just how far I take this!

I’ve always been one for exploring and keeping my mind open to new things. In this respect, I haven’t wanted to specialise in one particular area of art. So, ceramics, painting, sculpture and drawing have all been included, displaying works made over a period of several years. This mixed media approach allows me insight into different ways of working, achieving different results each time and allows me to constantly learn.

Every new place has an art scene and I love to incorporate exploring this into my travels. From gallery hopping in Berlin to wandering around the Ken Price exhibition in New York, I always try to see what’s happening in the ever-changing art world.

Enjoy clicking through my works of art. Just promise you’ll keep an open mind 😉

If you want to know more about the processes and techniques for my ceramics you can find that here, or if you want more general information, you can view my pieces on Etsy.

View my Latest Art

View my Latest Art