But art galleries are boringggggg….

I’m not your average art traveller. You won’t find me queuing up for 5 hours in the baking hot sun to stare at Michelangelo’s willy (although now I come to think of it, why haven’t I had a peek?), neither will you find me trawling along the vast stretches of space in art galleries around the world (although there is a time and a place for art galleries – when your favourite artist is showing, it’s raining outside and when you know you can treat yourself to a delicious lunch afterwards).

Instead, you’ll find me in a quirky bar chatting to the owner about where he sourced his paintings on the wall from. I’ll be laying on my belly with my feet in the air in a city’s green park whimsically sketching scenes from the day. I’ll be sipping coffee from a street side cafè whilst wondering where that lady got her beautiful dress from. I’ll be taking sneaky snaps of paintings in said cafè to add to my over-flowing photo collection of ‘inspirational artwork’. I’ll be researching ‘where the nearest life drawing class is’ in a new city and (my absolute favourite thing to do) I’ll be sipping wine whilst staring at a beautiful view, contemplating attempting to recreate it using oil paint.

I believe that art comes from everything around you and that most of the time there’s plenty of (if not more!) culture to be seen outside in the streets and in the exchanges with locals, rather than dragging yourself around an art museum just because your Grandma told you ‘It’ll be a great cultural experience.’

I’ve always had a fascination with creating and my mum loves to tell me how I could draw before I could even write! My fascination stayed with me growing up and I decided to study Art and Design at Wimbledon College of Art before moving on to study my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at De Montfort University.

Framing my Adventures is a platform where I can share my latest artistic creations, update people on my whereabouts and write about my entertaining, life-affirming adventures around the world where I travel in all sorts of styles, creating art and learning about life along the way.

If you want to support me in my journey and want some wacky art in your life, check out my RedBubble page where I’ll be adding my latest creations.


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View my Latest Art